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I Must Be Dreaming House Project (Updated 8 Sept 2006)
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Burning Man

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At Burning Man,
Black Rock City, NV,
August 2002.
In 1975 I was 33. This is a front dive layout on the 3m board at Caltech in Pasadena. Late to discover the fun of springboard diving, I only was good at the more ballet-like required dives. I continued diving for fun until about 2002, when, at age 60, I found myself too busy building my house.
In 1958 or 1959 I was on a Cibola trip with Eleanor to the four corners area. On it we went from Farmington to Lukachukai and Chinlee via Shiprock, and we visited Canyon De Chelley for a day or so. I have had throughout these 40+ years the clear memory of the bunch of us, 30- or 40-odd strong, our motionless legs dangling (or so it seems to my memory) over a precipitous sheer drop of some 500 feet, silent witnesses all to the mystery of Spider Rock. In August, 1992, when this early morning photograph was taken, I had the overlook to myself, and it was as quiet, solemn, and majestic as it had been before. The marker reads:

"With beauty all around me, I walk." - Navajo Night Chant.

Smell the pungent juniper.
Ancient Black Rock hunches on the distant horizon.
A dark cloud above means rain will soon be upon us.
The awesome Monolith at your feet is Tse Na'ashjee'ii - Spider Rock. Holy Spider Woman is an important diety in Navajo mythology. It was she who taught the People how to weave.
There is purity and strength here. And places sacred to the People.
Places strong in the oneness of earth and sky and of all things.

"I am indeed its child. Absolutely I am earth's child." - Navajo Song of the Earth.

In summer 2001, I bought a parcel in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas east of Sacramento. Almost 13 acres, the property is bounded in the image by the curved road above, the powerline cut through the trees below and the neighboring house at the right center. At the center of the image is a lighter spot, which is actually two single wide trailer homes. There is a great well and a working septic system. I intend to build a very modest house in the next several years, investment conditions permitting, with the aim of retiring here. For more images and house details click the topic at top.
This is Mattie. She used to live at Micki Haley's house. Micki asked whether I could let her live up with me. I installed her cat door (operated by a magnet on her collar) in the trailer. Mattie has already caught several rodents and other critters. I have to be careful where I put my feet if I get up in the middle of the night so as not to step on, for example, a mouse stomach.

Mattie is primarily nocturnal. She sleeps most of the day. Like me she finds it boring to read about retirement plans.

December 20, 2005: Mattie was killed about 10 days ago, apparently by two marauding dogs.

She will be missed.

Photo of Steve at Black Rock Desert
Black Rock Desert, Nevada 1991

The photograph can be found in the book "Black Rock - Portraits on the Playa" by photographer Douglas Keister.

It was a lot of fun participating in the production of this book.
This was the first time I landed on the
Black Rock Desert, about 100 miles north of Reno, meeting friends there.
I was a new pilot in 1992.

I had much of my primary training in N45716,
a Cessna 150. Learning to fly in low power aircraft
based at 5000 ft MSL and in the vicinity
of the High Sierra has advantages
in terms of weather and performance considerations.